What does wellness look like for 2021

Wellness and mental health seemed to be the words on everyone’s lips in 2020, as we battled a global pandemic that blasted through our lives with little warning. Minding ourselves and watching out for friends & family became a natural way to go about our day as we wondered what the following day would bring.Continue reading “What does wellness look like for 2021”

Music finds new meaning during Lockdown

As the Coronavirus pandemic turned the world on its head and forced us into a new reality of ‘social distancing’ from each other. As we retreat home once again to stay safe, stay away from each other and wash our hands, the one constant piece of social glue that has kept us together, is music.Continue reading “Music finds new meaning during Lockdown”

World Mental Health Day: New supports announced and where you can go for help

As the country continues to struggle with more uncertainty linked to Coronavirus, new supports have been announced as part of World Mental Health Day. Source: World Mental Health Day: the new supports announced and where you can go for help | BreakingNews.ie There are a number of new developments and initiatives marking World Mental HealthContinue reading “World Mental Health Day: New supports announced and where you can go for help”

A good hike is good for the brain

We all know that a good long walk can ease and cleanse the mind, exercise the body, and lift the soul – but science is now discovering that walking can actually change your brain! Here’s an interesting article that I came across whilst researching some Wellness content. It makes for good reading and I’d likeContinue reading “A good hike is good for the brain”